Author: foggedin

Offering wellness benefits can give you an edge as an employer and increase employee satisfaction.  Part of being a good business owner means taking initiative to ensure employee satisfaction and well-being. Offering competitive healthcare benefits is one way to do this, but implementing wellness benefits...

I never set out to open a bookkeeping firm, but here I am, 20 years later, with a thriving firm that has been a crucial part of my family’s story. In addition, being a firm owner and bookkeeper provided financial stability I might not have otherwise had. But why bookkeeping? Here’s the story: I founded my firm because I had to.

Seasonal payroll bonuses bring joy to many employers and feelings of anxiety to others. Most of us relish being able to reward our team's outstanding employees. Seasonal bonuses are a minefield for some employers, full of complicated employee relationships, compensation confusion, and not knowing when, how much, or how to pay bonuses correctly. For some businesses impacted by COVID-19, there isn't enough cash left over after a challenging year to pay out bonuses. So, what is a boss to do?  MORE>>>