Bookkeeping Accounting

Paperless Bookkeeping

Can your business really break free of paperwork?  Is a file cabinet free office really possible?

The short answer is yes, absolutely.  Paperless bookkeeping is possible and as good as it sounds.  The longer answer is that it takes having the right tools, a solid data back up plan, and practice.  Being paperless is as good as it sounds, and getting there doesn't have to be a long journey.  At Fogged In we can generally convert a business to paperless in a day or two.

Bookkeepers As Partners, Not Opponents

We, bookkeepers and accountants, may get a bad rap.  We are often characterized as rigid beancounters who suck the fun out of entrepreneurship.  Bookkeepers must straddle the worlds of inflexible compliance and chaotic entrepreneurial spirit. The "advisor" variety of bookkeeper has the job of nurturing the entrepreneur's idea, and coincidentally the spirit of entrepreneurship itself.  Bookkeepers must do this while also guiding along a perilous journey. Lack of cash flow, payroll rules and fines, audits, and lawsuits lurk in the margins waiting to bring down even your best ideas.