6 Signs You Need a Bookkeeper

6 Signs You Need a Bookkeeper

Did you know that a professional bookkeeper can actually save you money in the long run? They help to ensure less human error and that your business’ bills get paid on time.

We have seen countless businesses pull their hair out over trying to understand their financials and how to better them or even keep their business operational. This is where a bookkeeper comes into play. They already know how it all works, it is their job after all.

So, in case you think you’re ready to end DIYing your bookkeeping, here are a few signs that will help you decide if it’s time to switch to the real thing.

Your books are always outdated.

We get that there are only so many hours in the day. Trying to find the time to be a bookkeeper, marketer, accountant, HR department, graphic designer, analyst, salesperson, and whatever else it is you do can be hard. Your finances are a VERY important part of your business, it’s what keeps your business running. Outdated books don’t let you have control of your money or give you the full picture of how your business is running.

You’re not confident in your bookkeeping skills.

Let’s be honest, we aren’t all meant to do everything. Some people are good at marketing, some people are good at bookkeeping, some people are good at selling, the list goes on.

You missed out on tax deductions.

Your bookkeeper and your accountant should work together to ensure you get the most out of your tax deductions. While you may not know the ins and outs of bookkeeping and taxes, it is our job as bookkeeping professionals and accountants to know the best way to save you and your company money.

You have unpredictable cash flow.

Have you ever been unsure whether you can cover your expenses for that month? A bookkeeper can help you manage your cash flow to help keep you on track to pay your expenses and keep your money in order. Bookkeepers track your accounts payable and accounts receivable and follow up on overdue invoices, so you’re on top of cash flow at all times.

Your accountant is your “bookkeeper”.

While we offer accounting services and bookkeeping services, your accountant usually isn’t your bookkeeper because they are not the same thing. Our accounting services and our bookkeeping services are separated to their specific roles. Find a bookkeeper that can work with your accountant to guarantee the best results of your finances.

See your business from a different perspective.

Sometimes taking a step back allows you to see something from a new perspective. Having a second set of eyes on your financials can help you in the long run. Your bookkeeper can put the financials in order and run reports showing how you are doing each month, where the funds are going, how your efforts are paying off, or where you could improve.

Did we miss anything on this list? Comment and tell us what we should add!

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