Filtering All Your Brilliant Ideas

Filtering All Your Brilliant Ideas

Entrepreneurs are a breed of their own.  Independent thinkers, imaginative, ingenious,  and often creative their ideas change the world we live in.  But what happens when they have too many ideas and can’t seem to get anything finished?  Could you imagine a world without computers?  What if the Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce hadn’t invented the microchip and gotten it to market?  Where would we all be if they couldn’t filter their ideas and got lost along the way?

Here are some tips to help you filter your ideas:

1. Write the ALL down.

Keep a log or journal.  Any kind of written list will do.  When an idea hits you write it down and get it out of your head.

2. Evaluate your idea.

Don’t consider the really big stuff.  How you are going to get the 3000 pound ball of aluminium foil out of the house and down the road you can work on later.  First consider:

a. Do I really want to do this?

b. What is the timeline?

c. Do I need help?

d. Can I see it through to completion?

e. Is this the right time for me to tackle this?


You will eliminate most of your ideas by just asking these basic questions.  If you are 8 1/2 months pregnant is probably isn’t the right time to take on a new radiation treatment project.

3. Set a deadline and stick to it.  Give yourself a clearly defined deadline for milestones related to your project.  This way ideas don’t gather dust on a shelf (literally or figuratively).

4. Get Started!


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