Exporting QuickBooks Reports to Excel

Exporting QuickBooks Reports to Excel

QuickBooks offers an export function within most report windows.  It can be found in the same tool bar as the modify button.   The export button will open the report you are viewing in a new excel window or you can choose to add a worksheet to an existing excel workbook.  In order to add it to an excel workbook you already have save the workbook must be closed.

Exporting to Excel allows you to customize graphic elements such as color and italics that you cannot customize in QuickBooks.  It also allows you to add elements or combine multiple reports for hybrid reports specific to your reporting needs.

Our favorite export is the unpaid bills report.  We like export the unpaid bills report to excel and then create three columns to the right.  We then cut an paste the amounts due into the various columns based on how urgent the payment is.  The most urgent bills go into the red column, things that are currently due go in the orange column, and things not yet due go in the green column.

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