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Focused, organized, adaptable, tech-savvy? Cloud accounting bookkeepers wanted to join an award-winning firm with 10 years of experience with remote teams and clients. Our small firm seeks full and part-time bookkeeping professionals who want to make a difference for small business owners and family office clients. This role requires full cycle bookkeeping including payables and receivables management, technology-assisted data-entry, reconciliations, and sometimes some good old problem-solving in a predominantly QuickBooks environment. Work often includes other integrated cloud applications and digital tools. This is a remote position ideal for a dedicated professional who takes pride in their work but also values their slippers and flexibility. Our remote team works during standard east coast business hours and enjoys the perks of a work from home life.
Our Fogged In team wanted to give you an update as the Coronavirus pandemic spreads and begins to have impacts big and small on our daily lives and businesses.  As we proceed without panic, but with an abundance of caution, our team may make some small, and temporary, changes in our operations.  These changes will have very minimal impacts as we are already a virtual firm.

Fogged In Bookkeeping Operations

Fogged in Bookkeeping Operations in the day-to-day accounting work will remain unchanged.  Except for Lucretia here in our Nantucket office, the team works remotely from their homes.  Our systems are cloud-based and are set up for fully remote work.  Below are our everyday recommendations that become even more important now.

Paperless Bookkeeping

Can your business really break free of paperwork?  Is a file cabinet free office really possible?

The short answer is yes, absolutely.  Paperless bookkeeping is possible and as good as it sounds.  The longer answer is that it takes having the right tools, a solid data back up plan, and practice.  Being paperless is as good as it sounds, and getting there doesn't have to be a long journey.  At Fogged In we can generally convert a business to paperless in a day or two.
Quickbooks Online On Your Cell Phone

Hacks for Using Quickbooks Online Efficiently

If you are starting out in Quickbooks Online for the first time or even harder making the change from a desktop software the Quickbooks Online world can feel strange. Having a few go-to tricks can greatly improve your user experience and make the transition easier. 

Bookkeepers As Partners, Not Opponents

We, bookkeepers and accountants, may get a bad rap.  We are often characterized as rigid beancounters who suck the fun out of entrepreneurship.  Bookkeepers must straddle the worlds of inflexible compliance and chaotic entrepreneurial spirit. The "advisor" variety of bookkeeper has the job of nurturing the entrepreneur's idea, and coincidentally the spirit of entrepreneurship itself.  Bookkeepers must do this while also guiding along a perilous journey. Lack of cash flow, payroll rules and fines, audits, and lawsuits lurk in the margins waiting to bring down even your best ideas.