3 Things You Need to Know About Intuit (QuickBooks) Support

3 Things You Need to Know About Intuit (QuickBooks) Support

Over the past few years I can count numerous occasions when Intuit and the QuickBooks literature have told us that QuickBooks doesn’t do that or that something couldn’t be fixed just to turn around and find a solution from a user.  Long time user and Quickbooks teach Christina LeBlanc was using QuickBooks Pro 2004 for FIFO inventory when Intuit said there was no way to do it.  Right Networks has a way to use QuickBooks on your Ipad even though Intuit says it’s  not possible at this time.   Just last week we restored and repaired a file that Intuit’s advance recovery team told someone was permanently corrupt and beyond repair.  Intuit had him on the phone for 4 hours (he had the support plan for $29/month) and then had him send the file to them.  They had the file for three days before they left him a voicemail saying they couldn’t fix it.  I had him up and running in under 45 minutes.  Here are some things to keep in mind when you run into trouble with QuickBooks:

1.  The free 1-800 support is almost entirely the same information as is in the help menu in QuickBooks.  Some guy in India named “Fred” using the help menu and reading back to you the answer.

2. The monthly paid support for QuickBooks users is an express ticket through the hold line to the same information as item #1.

3. Intuit doesn’t know as much about their product as the public at large.  The Proadvisor community does things every day that Intuit says Quickbooks can’t do.

What is a ProAdvisor?  A ProAdvisor is a QuickBooks expert who has gone though some training and certification on the QuickBooks product.

So here are a few resources that might help you get better support:

Intuit Community Forum Q&A with some of the top users such as Michelle Long & Ray White both long time users and great answer providers.  Best part is it is free!  Takes a day or so to get an answer but changes are your question has already been asked and you can just read the answer from the last guy.

Find a local Proadvisor Use your zip code to see who in your local area can help.  Sometimes seeing your issue face to face can make the difference.



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