Getting Your Business Off On The Right Foot On a Budget

Getting Your Business Off On The Right Foot On a Budget

Starting a business takes knowledge, capital and a plan.  Some choose to find investors and come out with a bang.  Others choose to “bootstrap” their business.  One dollar, one customer, one achievement at a time they climb the ladder.  Progress is often slower, but debt can often be kept to a minimum and equity in ones own business maintained.    When bootstrapping a small business often things do not happen all at once.  So how do you create a professional appearance and brand without breaking the bank?  What items are important and worth doing right from the start?

  • A proper business plan.  Every business no matter the size, scale, or budget should have a business plan.  You can do it yourself so often times it requires no more than an investment in time.  Having a proper plan will help you to present yourself well with various business contacts.
  • A decent business card.  If your budget allows having a card professionally designed by a graphic designer and printed by a printing company is ideal.  If you can’t afford that right away using a service like with pre-made templates is helpful.  Sets of 250 can be less than $15.
  • A quality computer.  If you can’t get your work done because of constant technical issues you won’t be able to be create a wonderful business.  Dell, among others, offers financing so you can purchase what you need.
  • Quality Mentors & Advisers. Surrounding yourself with the best quality professionals, mentors and advisers.  Who you choose to make a part of your team speaks for you and helps elevate your game.

Getting off on the right foot doesn’t mean that you need everything all at once.  You can slow grow  your business without getting out of the gates on the wrong foot.

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