A Letter to the Fogged In Team On An Uneasy Day

A Letter to the Fogged In Team On An Uneasy Day

Good Morning Team,
As we wake and begin our day I can imagine you and your family may have some of the same worries and concerns as me and mine. The election results have come as a surprise to many of us and to the world. World markets are reacting, some people around us are panicking, and still others celebrate.

The election results have held a mirror up to our country. We may or may not like what we see. Many of us may be surprised by the reflection. But here we are, at the dawn of a new era, at the precipice of something new, facing new challenges and uncertainties.

An uncertain period is ahead, but this isn’t the first challenge we have faced as a nation, as communities, as families. This isn’t the first time we have faced a complicated and uneasy moment, a moment in which we will be tested. Now, more than any time before, we as families need to check in on our values, be clear on who we are and what is important. No matter what comes next we should hold those ideals close and check in with them from time to time.

Fogged In is no different. The values, mission and ideals we had yesterday still hold true today. Our clients, the businesses they build, the people they employ and the communities they impact are still important to us and we still seek to embolden and empower them even in an uncertain time. You, our employees, and your families are still our most important and valued asset. Your race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender are not what we value or how you are judged. Your work as part of our team and your ability to have an impact is. None of that will change in the coming weeks.

Now, in this defining and tumultuous time, is when we as a nation need not just our brightest stars to shine, but for all of us that stand for equality, kindness, love, and a just world to step up. Now is when we need to be truest to what’s important and be unafraid to stand by it.

There are many questions ahead for our families, our communities, our country. The answers are dependent on all of us not to be passive bystanders, but to be active participants, supporters of justice, champions for our children, defenders of equality. As a company, we will continue to uphold our values and continue to support you as you uphold yours.

As we go forward today take a deep breath, take a minute to check in on your family and go forward one step at a time reflecting as often as need be back on what’s important. We can then be at our best to meet the challenges and concerns of our clients. This election result is going to impact every one of them. From employment visas to cash flow there will be some direct and real consequences. We must do our best to navigate the waters ahead all the while doing what is right and keeping our best selves aligned with what is truly important.


(Short summary version: don’t go losing your dam mind converting to KKK members to blend in with what appears to be a majority. Relax, get a cup of coffee and we can ride this shit out as a team. I fully expect everyone to keep their neighbors alive and fed too. This is not a time to pull a Lord-of-the-flies-every-man-for-himself Nutter. Oh, and be calm for the clients. Anyone with a dependence on foreign employees just saw that the republicans have the house, senate, and the White House and are losing their dam minds already. Don’t feed the panic.)

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