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Grown from grass roots itself, Fogged In Bookkeeping and its staff get what it is to be growing. The certified and well trained staff has decades of experience, and loves working with businesses to get them the accounting and bookkeeping solutions that they need. Fogged In Bookkeeping works with the whole business - its management, its staff, and its various hired professionals - to create and maintain accounting systems that are tailored to their specific needs.


QuickBooks File Set Up and Software Integration

Getting off on the right foot and setting up your QuickBooks file the right way for your business is the key to using the program successfully. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor team can help you get your QuickBooks program configured to your specifications, or set up best for your business or industry. We can also help import your current data from programs such as Quicken, Peach Tree and QuickBooks for Mac. In most cases a few hours of our time can get you up and running helping you to avoid days of attempting to do it yourself only to find you have made an error and need to start over.


Bookkeeping Services
(Flexible and seasonal plans available)

Payable Management:
Purchase Orders, Entry of your bills, Scheduling, Payment, Vendor Management, Industry Specific Needs

Sales Orders, Invoicing, Statements, Collections, Item List Management, Customer Payment Recording

Deposits, Cash Management, Reconciliations, Loan Tracking and Applications

Payroll, Records Management, Time Tracking, internal controls, WISP documents, Help wanted ads, preliminary interviews.

Create, Track, Count

File Management:
Set up QuickBooks files, Create Item/Terms/Type Lists, Customize Templates

Report Customization

Year End Tax Package Preparation:
Turn over file systems, scan and save securely year end documents, prepare 1099/1096, file annual reports, transfer documents and accounting files to your tax preparer or we can prepare your taxes for you.

External Software Integration



We offer a full suite of payroll services for every business type and size. Our payroll services are one stop for payroll processing, payroll tax filings and payment, annual payroll tax document production and human resources help.  Getting started is literally as easy as 1,2,3. With no extra fees for direct deposit, prepaid employee wage cards, document replacement or new client set up it really is the best option for most businesses. All the service of your neighborhood payroll provider and all the tools and expertise of the big guys. For a price quote or more information please email us.


Business Administration Services

Whether you are looking for temporary help with a big project, or just need some help scheduling your appointments we are here to help. Currently working out of your kitchen or bedroom and need professional meeting space and administrative assistance from time to time? We can do that too. Need someone to clean up that mailing list, draft that letter, make those copies? We can help with that too. 


Accounting Systems Configuration

Trying to figure out how all the pieces fit when you don’t know what the pieces are can be like a florist rebuilding an engine. Often times the systems created by a well meaning business owner or office administrator can be labor intensive and create duplication of efforts In the end they can cost you money because you may be using outdated methods and be paying multiple people to do the same thing. Systems integration, mobile technologies and simple accounting processes are all  easier and less expensive than you think. Whether you are seeking to create better internal controls, streamline the accounting processes, update your technology or just better understand your existing systems we are here to help. Our well trained staff and associates have decades of experience in many fields and specialties and we can help you make more money by cleaning up an existing system or setting you up right. QuickBooks full program, not that online stuff, on your Ipad…Yeah we can do that too.


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